Leggett & Platt, Incorporated



Section 6.5  Examination of Books.   Any shareholder of record desiring to examine the books and records of the Corporation may do so during regular business hours at the office of the Corporation where such books and records are normally kept. No such shareholder, however, may remove any such books and records from such premises, and no such shareholder shall make alterations to such books or records, and in each instance of examination by such shareholder of such books or records, an officer or employee designated by an officer of the Corporation shall be present at all times during such examination, and the regular wage or salary of such officer or employee for the period of time spent in such examination shall be paid to the Corporation by such shareholder or shareholders making such examination. Notwithstanding any provision hereinabove to the contrary, no shareholder shall have the right to examine the books or the records of the Corporation if any officer of the Corporation determines, in his or her discretion, that such examination may be to the detriment or competitive disadvantage of the Corporation or if the purpose of such examination is improper.

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